Haltegurt für Selbstretter für Behälterbefahrungen

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Haltegurt für Selbstretter als Aufbau für FA 10 114 01

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Belt for self-rescuer respirator in confined spaces
This belt can be adapted on any kind of harness, and more specifically on harness ref. FA 10 114 00 (for work in confined spaces, mainly in the sanitation and drinking water distribution industries).
Adaptability: Closure through automatic ventral buckle, also allowing the adjustment of the size.
Convenience: Carrying strap allowing the installation of most of the self-rescuer respirators. The self-rescuer case will slide on the carrying strap through one hand only and shift from lateral to ventral position to facilitate the positioning of the respiratory mask.
Ergonomics: Optimum width comfort pad to provide sufficient lumbar support.

Size: Universal.
Weight: 0.410 kg.
Webbing: Polyester
Buckles: Steel
HS Code: 6307 20 90





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